Gauging User Intent Understanding the Internet

Better Comprehension for Better Intelligence Analysing Sentiments

Internet Analysis at KarmaHub

Emerging technologies in recent years with major enhancements to computing systems and personal devices making the internet an indispensable tool and way of life. Internet analysis captures the relevance of internet webpages, entities showcased, and documents examined by the search in context of the user’s expectations.

KarmaHub understands the changing needs of your modern-day business by offering more relevant experiences to your customers and users, ensuring that your search algorithm is being trained on a regular basis with high-quality data sets. The Karma Crowd is a set of experienced local users who annotate query results with the right levels of cultural understanding to meet the user's intent.

Why Karmahub For Internet Analysis

We focus on training your search engine models with a combination of traditional as well as customized approaches such as whole pages, captions, images, videos, and more to enrich the machine learning training data sets, adding a watchful eye to your search results for customers worldwide.

  • Ads Evaluation

    - Maximize the effectiveness of advertising by assuring that your ads match the search queries.

  • Whole Page Evaluation

    - Ensure that search results delivered match the user intent better in the context of scenarios appropriate to the geographies.

  • Autocorrect and Spell Check Evaluation

    - Train the machine learning algorithm to automatically correct or complete query terms.

  • Image & Video Search Evaluation

    - Image and video annotation to supplement search results appropriately.

  • Entity Verification

    - Enhance customer engagement with your search engine algorithm with relevant business listings.

Semantic Annotation
  • Analyse the context of search, location, synonyms, nuances of generalized Vs specialized queries and natural language queries.
Location based approach
  • Geo-Local Evaluation

    - Increasing accuracy of maps & navigational logic in searches.

  • Translation & Localization

    - Translation & machine translation services from in-market Karma Crowd.

  • Meeting the user expectations with more relevance & effectiveness through improved engagement delivered through well-trained algorithms.