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Sentiment Analysis at KarmaHub

SentimentSentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining is the call of the day and the inherent complexity that lies in simple exchanges brings a whole new type of intelligence; emotional intelligence. The quality of user experiences depends on the accurate classification of sentiment and intent. KarmaHub works to ensure swift, actionable insights from multi-channel communications of all your stakeholders, right from your customers, partners, and the workforce.

The competitive era that exists across industry verticals globally has led to a multitude of input channels where customer opinions are captured. These could include online or offline surveys, blogs, social media chatter, company feedback forums, and inputs collected as part of marketing drives. Sentiment Analysis is a congregation of large number of underlying technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), biometrics, computational linguistics and so on with the aim of collecting & analyzing the emotions in the correct context.


The KarmaHub Sentiment Analysis service helps understand the emotional tone of your customers and users captured through various channels. We help to comprehend opinions, emotions, and attitudes expressed on online through social media platforms by capturing and putting these to modern day use.



  • Sentiment Analysis plays a pivotal role in shaping conversational experiences. A chatbot is the most common application of machine learning technology we have today. Users are more likely to share their emotions and feelings with a chatbot as they could possibly do with a human and sentiment analysis is a key role to play ensuring the responses are somewhat tailored to engage the user.

Brands & Products

Brand Monitoring
  • Brands have a clear outlook on user perception when it comes to their product portfolio, new launches or even a specific service or commodity. Companies have setup dedicated departments within IT on how to best tap social media sentiments and convert the same into actionable items for business.
UX / UI Design & Product Marketing
  • SentimentSentiment Analysis is proven to be an effective indicator to validate if users are pleased with the new interface or design launched by an organization for their products. Sentiment analysis is proven to be a differentiator to collect user opinions on design remodeling, which is vital for brands to survive today.
Market Research & Product Reviews
  • Brands determine why users are not responding to a particular campaign or why their product is not getting picked up from the shelves. Companies also determine what users think of the complete lifecycle of the product right from purchase up to warranty support.

Fraud Predictions

  • Sentiment analysis analyzes user behavior to help predict probable fraudulent behavior.

Employee Sentiment Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis helps build behavioral profiles of an individual by analyzing the feedback and opinions of the employees. This results in a lot of actionable insights for the Human Resources teams as well as the management to play a vital role in determining what could result in employee motivation.

Customer Support

  • L1 Support, IT Helpdesk, or any form of customer support makes extensive use of Sentiment Analysis. Applications of this technology could be as simple as classifying emails into urgent or non-urgent, as well as identifying the frustration level of users.