Verification & Classification of large-scale business data
to predict business risks & conducive circumstances

Data Classification Services

The Karma Crowd provides specific perspectives, localized to handle varying thought processes across geographies while conducting data classification. We design machine training to offer you strong taxonomy solutions after separation of categorical objects for classification and continuous objects for regression with the help of human involvement as well as automation. Disordered data becomes understandable, accurate & usable for diverse purposes categorized by multiple attributes.


A comprehensive approach to design & implement training for data classification methodologies makes our service stand out visibly.

  • Model building

    - Define input & outputs for the classification model
    Decide decision boundaries
    - Predicting the classes of the objects based on the knowledge gathered
    - Deriving a predictive model to estimate likelihoods of events related to specific businesses
    - Continuous evaluation of models using precision recall metrices
    - Handling missing data

  • The Karma Crowd

    - Classify the observations, objects, emotions appropriately by multiple attributes
    - Put the local flavours into context
    - Address both binary and multiclass problems

  • Defining objects for classification

    - Products
    - Entities
    - Queries
    - Sentiments

  • Deriving methods of classification

    - Create classification rules to identify shared features of specific classes.
    - Compare identified traits to the data in the data sets.
    - Consolidate the rules leading to classification.