High Quality, High Accuracy Speech Solutions for Conversational Software Solutions

Transcription & Automatic Speech Recognition Services
at KarmaHub

High quality speech data has to be fed to precisely evaluate human interactions to enhance automatic speech recognition services. This data could already exist in various forms in the business processes like customer interactions, voice surveys, and virtual assistants. These feeds account for the response the system needs to make for cognitive and conversational user experiences in the millennial age devices.

The Karma professionals spanning across the globe include multiple and multilingual native speakers who are ready to transcribe your speech or text data into its phonemic or phonetic relevance according to your custom guidelines. Our well-developed QA tools and processes ensure high accuracy relevance to level up the quality for speech recognition system to help you get speech records to better understand your customers and their interactions.

The millennial age ASR systems need to be fledged with rich speech data to offer more fulfilling experiences to customers. With businesses growing globally it complies that the speech solutions need to be multilingual as well. The KarmaHub ASR offerings help you to fulfil business needs in this domain.


Train your speech recognition system with high quality transcribed speech data including domain specific audio from phone calls, call center, and helpdesk data or conversations with digital assistants.

Translation and Localization

Traditional translation and machine translation services from language and data experts to help by resolving user intent services to perfection.

Speech Data Collection & Speech to Text Validation
We review, evaluate and correct the transcribed text through our specialized processes for audits and also our constantly updated tools to bring you the most accurate speech data results.
Linguistic Services

Customized multi-lingual grammar rules and subject matter experts help you tackle the lingual barriers of your business. Our custom lexicons and glossary ensure the accurate delivery for your speech and text-based systems.