Generating accurate visions.
Recognizing videos and images
with human annotated data.

Computer Vision Services at KarmaHub

From image and video acquiring, processing, analyzing, evaluating, and presenting the best match KarmaHub helps you train systems that serve superior multimedia search results to customers world-wide with improved accuracy. Attracting a global user base with relevant visuals becomes imperative in interactions driven through multiple channels and intuitive interfaces.

Our customized programs powered by the Karma Crowd tailored suit your businesses specific requirements in the context of demographics, Geographic's, and diversities.

Image and Video Analysis

Multimedia search poses huge concerns when the images and videos fail to match user intent and are not labelled satisfactorily. Connecting the dots between the relevance of text, video, and audio requires a thorough feedback generated from human acumen. KarmaHub puts to use the annotations collected and analyzes them to perfection to comprehend the relevant user intents.

Image and Video Data Collection

Our machine learning algorithms for multimedia data rely on intelligence gathered from the appropriate volumes of data, moderated, and conditioned to impart effective training. While public data-sets are unable to keep focus on the requirements the KarmaHub collection processes are driven to offer rich images categorized to perfection.