Generating Accurate Vision, Recognizing
Videos & Images with Human Annotated Data

Image and Video Analysis

Our subject matter experts sync demographically to better evaluate the geographic content more precisely, be it images or videos. They use their skill-sets to gauge the pulse of the local users, what they would search and what would keep them engaged. These gatherings train your business search engines to serve the best match images & videos for the queries.


Intuitive labeling through our experts for computer vision enable our digital intelligence services generate the most useful insights with best-fit approaches in context of the user expectations.

  • Image and Object Classification

    - Multi-level classifications and taxonomy generation to train your algorithms to recognize images & objects with perfection.

  • Keypoint Annotation

    - Labelling by our experts to pinpoint places, estimate distances, recognize celebrities gauging human expressions, colours, size and other visually measurable parameters.

  • Corelate Text in Images

    - Recognize & learn to decipher handwritings within images.

    - Read text from images & videos and make them a part of the insight .

  • Polygon and Bounding Box Annotation

    - Accurately identify objects making use of polygons or bounding boxes especially for large sized images.

  • Semantic Segmentation

    - Segment the images in context with high precision with appropriate annotation of objects within

  • Object Tracking in Video

    - Motion analysis, single particle tracking and flow analysis from videos

    - Correlation of frames to generate insights from obstructed visuals