Digital Transformations with Azure

Efficient, Hybrid, Intelligent and Secure

Azure Data & Analytics Services

We offer end to end Azure Data services to automate, streamline, and manage the flow of data from capture, integration to analytics, and reporting. We ensure that large enterprise wide data estate deployments are effectively and pro-actively monitored and managed across the data pipeline. Our experts keep track of key metrics and are equipped to collect performance, usage, and security related insights from various parts of the data ecosystem.

Our Data Ops platform services are delivered through a highly experienced team of data architects, data analysts, data engineers, and service desk specialists across the platform infrastructure and the data estate implementation with a singular aim to monetize your business data effectively.

Continuous Development
  • Data estate infrastructure, tool chain and platform development and implementation services for continuous data ingestion, storage, transformation, analysis and reporting with on-going Managed Services for Data Platform & Infrastructure Ops
  • Data Integration Development
  • Cloud Data Lake Implementation
  • Unified Data Pipeline Implementation
  • Cloud Data Warehouse Implementation
  • DataOps Tool chain Architecture & Implementation

Data Platform Ops
  • Managed services for Data Platform Ops covering end to end flow of data along the pipeline – from data ingestion to data analytics and reporting
  • Proactive Azure Analytics Service Monitoring
  • Proactive Data Integration Monitoring
  • Data Integration Management
  • Data Platform Configuration Management
  • Data Platform Security Management
  • Data Platform Resiliency & Disaster Management
  • Azure Data Estate Advisory

24x7 Cloud Operations Centre

Operate your cloud data estate securely, efficiently, and optimally with trained cloud help desk professionals.

  • 24x7 Service Desk & L1 Support
  • SLA Driven Incidence Management
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • Disaster Recovery Coordination
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • Metrics Reporting
  • KarmaHub Cloud Enable (CMP) & Customer Portal

Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops

Azure Managed services for Data Infrastructure Ops provides Azure data related infrastructure configuration management, change, and incident management, as well as 24/7 monitoring of data infrastructure telemetry.

  • Azure Hosting (CSP)
  • Proactive IaaS Monitoring
  • IaaS Configuration Management
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Security Management
  • Infrastructure Resiliency & DR Management
  • Azure Infrastructure Advisory