Digital Transformations with Azure

Efficient, Hybrid, Intelligent and Secure

Azure Cloud First Development Services

Our comprehensive Azure Cloud First development services automate, streamline, and manage your cloud development and delivery needs. Our Azure IoT DevOps services are delivered through a highly experienced team of architects, engineers, developers, and service desk specialists across infrastructures and platforms.

Azure Cloud Platform Ops

Managed services for Cloud Ops covering BI, Analytics connected devices, Azure IoT services and IoT applications.

  • Proactive Device Monitoring
  • Proactive Azure IoT Services Monitoring
  • Proactive Platform Apps Monitoring
  • Platform Configuration Management
  • Platform Apps Continuous Integration [CI] Pipeline Management
  • Platform Apps Continuous Delivery [CD] Pipeline Management
  • Platform Security Management
  • Platform Resiliency & DR Management
  • Azure IoT Advisory
Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops

Azure Managed services for Infrastructure Ops provides Azure infrastructure configuration management, change, incident management, and 24/7 monitoring of application infrastructure telemetry.

  • Azure Hosting (CSP)
  • Proactive IaaS Monitoring
  • IaaS Configuration Management
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Security Management
  • Infrastructure Resiliency & Disaster Management
  • 24x7 Service Desk & L1 Support
  • SLA Driven Incident Management
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • Metrics Reporting
  • Azure Infrastructure Advisory
Azure Driven Continuous Development
  • Development services for continuous application development, integration, testing, delivery and deployment on Azure, supported with Managed Services through the Cloud
  • Cloud & IoT Solution Deployment Architecture
  • DevOps Toolchain Implementation
  • Continuous Development
  • Test Automation Development
  • Continuous Testing